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Why trust RAS Auto Services for all your car servicing and repair needs?

Romesh isn’t just one of the Gold Coast’s best and most qualified vehicle technicians, he really loooves cars. He always has…

RAS Auto Services is a family owned and operated business, founded by Romesh de Sylva in 2009. Those who know Romesh, know that he is a man of integrity – with the biggest smile that lights up his workshop and brightens everyone’s day. Romesh is a humble man with a genuine passion for cars since childhood and a calling to be the change he wanted to see in the world.

“From as early as I can remember, I loved going to the Matchbox toy store in Zambia where my dad worked. I would cheekily pick up a car, marvel at its detail, and I would basically refuse to part with. Despite my poor mum trying every time to reason with me, I would cling tight and refuse to let go, so she would pay for it just to prevent and scene and save the embarrassment.

I had a collection of over one hundred matchbox toy cars and I carried them with pride in a bag everywhere I went. I would dismantle them and fix with other parts, endlessly. So that is where it all started, my passion for cars and mechanics.

I also loved to help my dad to clean and wash his car – well, I thought I was helping anyway, and I had a habit of sitting directly behind the driver’s seat, studying how he drove, copying him, and relentlessly nagging him to go faster.

As soon as I completed my high school studies, I enrolled at the highly regarded German Technical Training College to study automotive engineering, and thereafter persued a career in the automotive repair sector.

I am a man of faith and a believer in doing good unto others as you would want them to do unto you.

I started RAS Auto Services in 2009 because, despite loving my career, I was not happy with the service standards provided to customers in my industry as a whole and I was determined to make a difference. Female clients and seniors especially put their trust in us, as the repairer, to do the right thing by them, not to overcharge, or charge for goods and services that were not even needed, nor be condescending or disrespectful. Sadly this is a common flaw in our industry that I refuse to be a part of.

As a technician, I stay up-to-date with advancements in technology but I still believe in test-driving the vehicle, talking to my customers and providing good old-fashioned service with a smile.

I’m a proud of the service I provide and thankful for the loyalty of a diverse array of customers who so kindly spread the word that RAS Auto Services Gold Coast is their service centre of choice.”
– Romesh de Sylva


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